Big Circle Throw – I did it!

Big Circle Throw

My goal was to finish 25 squares by the end of today and I thought it was a long shot, but I am DONE!!

I’m so proud that I was able to make the 50% deadline and earn those points for Gryffindor. I kind of have to thank Ken for giving me “permission”. I don’t mean that literally, of course. I don’t need his permission to do anything, but he made me feel like it was okay to work on this as much as I did in the last few days by simply saying, “I know you want to get this done, so you should work on that. I will help you get the other things done this weekend.” It’s a small thing, but it let me work on this without feeling guilty for not doing some of the other “more important” things like laundry or whatever over the last couple of days. (Although, I did go and get the car registered, did the grocery shopping, and other important things, too.) So, thank you, Ken! I love you! :)

I am loving all the colors in this! I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can use it! I just need to make at least 10 more squares, crochet it all together, and crochet the border…that’s nothing, right?!

Big Circle Throw



  1. That is going to be gorgeous when it is all done.

  2. It’s beautiful, what a gorgeous project! I love the colours you’ve chosen

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