Half N Half Cupcakes

Half N Half Cupcakes

My fabulous Mama, Fabgrandma, knows how much I like to bake, so back at Christmas, she sent me this cool Mrs. Fields Half N Half Cupcake Pan.

Mrs Fields Half N Half Cupcake Pan

I made some awesome Spumoni Cupcakes for Ken a while ago and it was a big pain to spoon the different batters into each cup quickly enough to get a cupcake that was really half and half. They turned out great, but I was still excited to try out this pan to see if it would make the job easier.

I had these colorful cupcake liners, which seemed appropriate for Easter weekend cupcakes.

Cupcake liners

First I put them in the pan and then added the plastic divider.


Then spooned in the batter. I have to admit to being lazy and using boxed mixes for these cupcakes, but they were still yummy!

Batter in the half n half pan

It was a little messy, but not too bad. I was worried that it would make a big mess when I took out the plastic divider, but it was no problem at all. It came out and cleaned up easily even though I forgot to spray it first according to the instructions that came with the pan.

And they were ready to go in the oven!

Cupcakes ready for the oven!

When I took them out of the oven, I realized the one problem I had with these cupcakes wasn’t the fault of the pan. It was my own fault for using two different brands of mixes…doh! So that’s my one bit of advice for this pan…use two similar recipes or two of the same brand of mix. Otherwise, one mix might bake or rise a bit faster like mine did. Luckily for me, both cakes baked all the way through!


After I added the icing, you’d never know about that little mishap, though!

Strawberry Vanilla half n half cupcakes


Yummy Strawberry Vanilla Cupcakes

Remembering Ilex

Ilex at Fish Creek A year ago today, Ken and I said good-bye to our favorite girl, Ilex. It was a hard day, to say the least. Today, I am remembering and missing her. There really isn’t much I can say other than that Ken and I both loved her so much. I thought I’d just share some of my favorite photos of her today to remember her beautiful smiling face.

Puppy 2

Ken was lucky enough to be there when this beautiful girl was brought into the ASPCA. If he hadn’t been, he might never have adopted her – you might say it was meant to be.

Puppy 4 From the time she was a little puppy, she loved to carry her leash herself!

Water Baby And she loved to swim!

Young Ilex Claudia and Ilex Ilex and Ken Ilex eats flowers Ken had a lot of good years with Ilex before I met them. But she was happy to welcome me to her family!

Christmas 2008 Santa Doggie Santa dog 2

She was always a good sport about Christmas fun.

Santa Dog attacks Santa Dog Attacks 2

Well, sort of!

Autumn sun Climbing Mt Sunflower Moab 1 Near Sheep River Falls Revelstoke BC South Dakota 1 South Dakota Traveling dog in Colorado 165846_3783570981348_767676177_n

She loved to travel.

16135_1240970857934_4896949_n Mount Evans June 2009 Snow Dog - April 19 08 Snow dog 2 Snow dog angels 5 Snow dog angels 7 She loved the snow.

Soccer Ilex Sock Monkey 2 She loved her toys.

Autumn Sun 2011 3 Becca and Ilex Family Photo on Mt Evans Ken and Konza in South Dakota But most of all, she just loved being with us.

I love you May 19 2010 2 May 19 2010 Milk bone We love and miss you, baby girl!



My Big Circle Throw is finished!

Big Circle Throw

Well, sort of. I “finished” on the last day of March, but the more I think about it and look at it, the more I think I want to add a few more rounds of white and then a scalloped border in the aqua color. As I was trying to take photos of this blanket, our newest foster pup decided that it was the perfect place to take a nap. Then Konza took his que from her. I guess that means they approve!



The whole blanket, sans doggies.


And one more photo because I am just so pleased with how pretty all the colors look together!

10154213_10202539677986728_674846593_n Since this is all done, I need a new project to work on. I haven’t decided on a fiber project yet, but for the last 2 weeks, I’ve been working on a new art journal, using a day planner type of calendar. Each day, I’ve been making a small drawing and recording a little about the day. So far, it’s nothing spectacular, but it’s been fun to work on and I like having the little reminder of what happened and what the weather was like.





Making Progress!

Joining squares

I’m finally joining squares on my Big Circle Throw! This was the perfect way to spend a snowy day off. It’s been a while since I’ve finished a big project, so I’m pretty excited that this is coming together so well. I am still trying to decide if I want to add one more row of squares, but luckily with the way I am joining, I can decide when I see if I will actually have time.

I really like how the white border looks so far!


Book Review: The Truth About Alice

The Truth About Alice The Truth About Alice by Jennifer Mathieu

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Told from multiple perspectives, this is a thought provoking story about the way gossip, rumors, and slut-shaming make their way through a small town high school. Alice is in the popular crowd until a rumor makes its way around town about a party at the end of summer and then later is blamed for the death of the star quarterback. Then she becomes the one person everyone loves to hate.

Each chapter is told by a different student and chronicles their reactions to the rumor, why they behaved the way they did, and how their own actions affected the way they felt about themselves in the end. The last chapter is told from Alice’s point of view – her, feelings about the way she was treated, her observations on human nature as played out in the story and on her new friendship with someone she overlooked before. This book was a quick and easy read and would make for great discussions in teen groups.

Big Circle Throw – I did it!

Big Circle Throw

My goal was to finish 25 squares by the end of today and I thought it was a long shot, but I am DONE!!

I’m so proud that I was able to make the 50% deadline and earn those points for Gryffindor. I kind of have to thank Ken for giving me “permission”. I don’t mean that literally, of course. I don’t need his permission to do anything, but he made me feel like it was okay to work on this as much as I did in the last few days by simply saying, “I know you want to get this done, so you should work on that. I will help you get the other things done this weekend.” It’s a small thing, but it let me work on this without feeling guilty for not doing some of the other “more important” things like laundry or whatever over the last couple of days. (Although, I did go and get the car registered, did the grocery shopping, and other important things, too.) So, thank you, Ken! I love you! :)

I am loving all the colors in this! I can’t wait for it to be finished so I can use it! I just need to make at least 10 more squares, crochet it all together, and crochet the border…that’s nothing, right?!

Big Circle Throw